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This is a self-paced reading ecourse. It was put together to share our renovation knowledge with you. We are very hands on in our projects. We’re currently flipping one house and renovating another for an Airbnb. 

Who is RENO RULES aimed at?

Anyone who wants to learn the basics on how to renovate. You don’t need a $500K budget. You CAN make your budget work for you. Renovations don’t always mean huge transformations. It can mean minor improvements and still earn you big dollars on the other end.

How much is the course?

We have an introductory price of $499. We KNOW you’ll save that just by knowing how to keep track of a budget, or how to plan your kitchen, or how to be a project manager. We’ll show you how.

Do I need reno skills?

No you don’t! Anyone can renovate. You can either be a project manager, hands on, or hire tradies all the way through. What we’re giving you in this course is the confidence to make those decisions and know where to start.

Will you teach me DIY?

Not at this stage. We’ll share what we know, but we haven’t put DIY videos together in this course. It would be irresponsible and illegal to pay someone to teach you DIY when they aren’t qualified! But we definitely tell you WHAT you can try to DIY and HOW we learnt (plus our stories).

Is this a styling course?

You will get tips and ideas on basic colour combos and how to make the house look good in the last module called Finishing Touches.

Will I learn how to draw plans?

No, this course isn’t based around extensions, or drafting.  We give you knowledge on how to make your renovation come to life. 

How do I sign up?

Click to sign up, go through the cart process, sign up for an account and done. An email will hit your inbox with a link to your Student Access page. The private Facebook group link is in the first module of the course. 

How is the course delivered?

This course is delivered via a training program. You will get private access. It’s predominately a READING course. This means you can read and learn anytime, anywhere! Did we mention there are 80+ topics for you to read?!

For how long can I access the course?

You have a lifetime access. We will update the modules as we renovate and will share everything with you. You’ll received emails when there are new updates.

Is there a Facebook group?

There sure is! You’ll find lots of tips, help and guidance over there. Hear and learn about other peoples’ renovation experiences. Katrina will pop in and answer you too! Plus we’ll share new things as we go through our renovations.

Can I share my login details?

No way, please don’t. Your login credentials are only for you. Please don’t share your details with anyone. (We track multiple downloads, so we’ll know). We’ve worked hard to create this course for you and if you know someone who’d also benefit, we’d love if you could send them our way!